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Young people do a lot of sports but eat irregularly – study

One-third of young people involved in the Ghetto Games movement work out for more than 6 hours a week, according to a survey carried out by Putnu fabrika Ķekava and Ghetto Games.  However, the study also found that even more than a third of young people – 35% do not eat three meals a day, or admit that they eat irregularly

The survey found that young people are remarkably athletic – 32 percent do sports for more than 6 hours a week, while 19.5% – 4 to 5 hours a week. As many (19.5%) do sports 3 to 4 hours a week. Most respondents, 37.7% said they played a team sports, 14.8% prefer fitness activities, and 10.2% go swimming.

Regardless of regular physical activity, more than a third of young people (35%) said that they ate less than three meals a day, or they had irregular meals.

Nutritionist Lizete Puga points out: “Being in motion is part of human nature, which is why I am pleased that young people are physically active. However, food rich in nutrients and regular meals are even more important. Proteins are one of the most important nutrients if one does a lot of physical activity. The products that contain the most proteins include lean meat such as chicken, as well as fish, eggs, cheese, skimmed milk products, legumes, also nuts. Proteins help the body recover, they protect the body and are important throughout a lifetime. The amount of proteins we consume every day is important, as are the sources proteins come from. The way a meal is prepared and our eating habits also have a big effect on the nutritional value of a meal.”

One positive finding of the study is that almost half (46.6%) of respondents said that they would like to eat healthier and 18.8% said that they would like to have more regular meals. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of young people (28%) who eat regularly, 4 and even more meals a day. And one-third of young people prepare their meals themselves.

“We at Ķekava recommend people to consume proteins in a natural way, through quality food and regular meals. Chicken meat is a natural source of protein, which is vital for growth, development and energy in young, athletic people. That is why, for several years already, Putnu fabrika Ķekava has been involved in national sports events, we support young and talented Latvian athletes, and participate in programs that improve children and young people’s understanding of active and healthy lifestyle. The study reveals that young people do want to eat healthy and regularly, we simply have to help them achieve their goal,” says JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava Chairman of the Board Andrius Pranckevičius.

*277 participants in the Ghetto Games movement were interviewed for the survey about young people’s daily eating habits. The average age of respondents is 17.8 years.