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Our production is fully integrated, and it means that each production step is controlled and supervised. We focus on high animal welfare standards and bio-security. Therefor our chickens are healthy, happy and our meals are tasty and safe to use. The use of antibiotics is close to zero; the spread of salmonella equals absolute zero. So, we are 100% confident about our production set-up and products.
High standards to the birds’ living conditions
Our birds enjoy freedom of movement. The air is constantly ventilated, its temperature is controlled; the lighting emulates day and night conditions, leaving the chickens healthy for seven hours so they can get some quiet sleep.


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High quality feed for our chickens
The quality of our chickens comes from the quality of their food. Well-balanced and nutritious, delivered by regional farmers and fodder producers, our chicken food is based on homeland wheat, corn, rapeseed or sunflower oil. As a source of protein, the feed also contains soya that is sustainable and responsibly cultivated, delivered by a Pro-Terra certified soy producer. The feed mill factory receives constant feedback from poultry houses, leading to the creation of individually tailored feed.


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No antibiotics for our chickens
The key to a healthy chicken is a strong immune system. We are the first producer in the Baltics and one of the very few in Europe whose birds grow with low use of antibiotics, below 5%. Despite a growing tendency to use antibiotics as a shortcut solution that leads to an alarming development of antibiotic resistance, which may adversely affect public health, we have developed a system for growing chickens without antibiotic treatment.