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Study: What kind of meat choose Latvian residents and how often they grill?

Grilled meat is one of the most popular meals during the Līgo fest and Midsummer holidays. 86% of Latvian residents put grilled meat on the table on a regular basis, and up to 96% of those under the age of 30, according to a study on grilling habits of Latvian residents conducted by the largest Latvian poultry producer Putnu Fabrika Ķekava.

More than half or 51% of Latvian residents grill meat several times per months, while 18% grill meat at least once a week or even more often. 14% residents take weather conditions into account before deciding whether or not to grill, which influence males more than females. Males enjoy grilling the most, almost one third of respondents pointed out that it is exciting activity and something they enjoy doing.

People’s standards towards meat quality have increased, as new quality criteria have also appeared. In addition to the freshness of the meat, which is important for 80% of grillers, also it is important how meat is stored at shops. Around 30% emphasize that they take into account the trustfulness of the seller and safety.

For almost 34% of residents, animal welfare has become new and significant criteria for choosing meat – it is important for them that animal is grown in healthy conditions and without antibiotics treatment. This is especially important for poultry lovers, as 68% of them say that it is important that the poultry meat they consume was grown without antibiotics. 30% of residents already now choose to purchase poultry with the label “Raised without Antibiotics”, but 38% would choose such meat if they saw “Raised without Antibiotics” sign on the meat.

Following these growing quality demands, “Putnu fabrika “Ķekava” offers opportunity to purchase increased quality marinated meat with the “Raised without Antibiotics” label this year. This is the first increased quality grilled meat product in the Baltics with such label. “Putnu Fabrika Ķekava” currently produces 20 different types of marinated meat products. “Ķekava” is the first and so far, the only meat producer in the Baltic States and one of the few in Europe that has introduced antibiotic-free production, and ensures preconditions that allows to grow healthy birds, prevent them from illness and treatment with antibiotics respectively, and hence ensure the highest quality poultry. This is confirmed for customer by label “Raised without Antibiotics”.

Asked about motivation and desire to grill, according to residents, it is a quality time spent with friends and/or family (62%), grilled meat is tasty (49%), and it is an excellent opportunity to spend time outdoors (38%). For 38% of respondents grilling meat is an integral summer pastime, without which the warm summer months are unthinkable!

* Survey was conducted in June of 2018 in cooperation with Snapshots, with 702 respondents participating in the survey.

**Evaluating historical data and joint-stock Putnu Fabrika Ķekava sales results.