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Roast chicken in a roasting bag has two new flavours


We are happy to announce that the popular roast chicken in a roasting bag now has two new flavours — chicken in BBQ marinade and chicken in garlic marinade. BBQ marinade is mildly spicy, has reddish shade and, along with mustard, creates a bouquet of flavours with a pleasant after-taste of grilled meat. Roast in garlic marinade is a classic combination of chicken, spices and garlic, which will be particularly favoured by classic taste lovers.

Roast chicken in a roasting bag is prepared so that the only task of the cooker is to turn the oven on and off. The packing of the roast is simultaneously a special roasting bag — you just have to tear off the label and put the chicken in the oven. The juicy roast chicken will be ready in an hour due to an innovative product packing, which will open during the cooking, allowing the chicken to brown slightly after steaming in closed environment. Cooking of the roast does not require a frying-pan or foil, just the heated oven.

Roast in a roasting bag, just as all other delicacies of Ķekava Poultry Farm, is produced from chicks grown at Ķekava Poultry Farm and is a 100% Latvian product.