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Putnu Fabrika Ķekava achieves over EUR 69 million in turnover

Latvia’s leading poultry producer, joint-stock Putnu Fabrika Ķekava, has been successful in increasing its turnover by 11.6% or EUR 7.2 million to EUR 69.3 million, according to an auditor approved report for the 2017/2018 financial year. Ķekava’s net profit reached EUR 2.1 million during this period.

The increase in turnover was mostly due to an increase in production and production capacity, as well as the development of exports in current and new markets.

“Consumers continue to pay more attention not only to the origin of the meat, but also the conditions on which the birds were raised. Thus, there is an increase in responsibility for producers, but also an increase in quality. Over the last two years, Ķekava has invested EUR 4.2 million in measures to increase quality and improve infrastructure. We are also the first in the Baltics to introduce a production model which allows us to raise healthy birds and offer consumers a product with the label Raised Without Antibiotics. I am very proud that due to our investments and positive work results, the financial year was a successful one for all Linas Agro group companies in Latvia, and I am especially satisfied with the financial results of Ķekava. The company has become a sort of a reference point of quality both for consumers, as well as the market as a whole,” said Andrius Pranckevicius, joint-stock Putnu Fabrika Ķekava board chairman.

The growing increase in demand for high-quality poultry has allowed Putnu Fabrika Ķekava to increase sales of its products in Lithuania and Estonia, thus strengthening the producer’s leading positions in the Baltics. Meanwhile, in June of 2018, the company also began exports to Sweden with its Grannfågel brand.

This year, the company has expanded its Raised Without Antibiotics assortment, offering top quality fresh meat products and acquainting the market with new marinated poultry products during the summer season, as well as something new for the autumn season – top quality marinated poultry in a baking bag.

Putnu Fabrika Ķekava is part of LINAS AGRO GROUP’s Latvian companies, which includes joint-stock company Putnu Fabrika Ķekava, SIA Lielzeltiņi, SIA Brioleks, SIA Cerova and SIA PFK Trader. All of the group’s company’s continue to be strategically developed to ensure a complete production cycle in Latvia.