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Poultry producer Ķekava opens its first store in Lithuania

Expanding its operations in the Baltic market, Latvia’s leading poultry producer AS Putnu fabrika Ķekava has opened its first store in Lithuania. The new store is located in Benedikto gourmet market in Vilnius, and it is Ķekava’s first store outside Latvia.

“Ķekava’s company stores are the way for us to be closer to our customer both in the local market and abroad, and we are happy that we have started development of our store chain also outside Latvia. Ķekava’s products have been available in the Lithuanian market since last autumn, and in a short time they have won appreciation from our customers. The competition with local producers is tough, but Ķekava’s advantage is the quality. In Lithuania we offer chicken with a label “Raised without Antibiotics”, which differs from local Lithuanian products with higher quality and our unique approach to production that ensures especially high welfare standards for the birds and prevents them from illness, hence – usage of antibiotics,” says Andrius Pranckevičius, Chairman of the Board of AS Putnu fabrika Ķekava.

Ķekava store in Benedikto gourmet market in Vilnius is the company’s first store outside Latvia. It offers more than 20 different products in the categories of fresh poultry, marinated poultry and ready-made products. In total, the Ķekava store chain comprises 21 store.

Ķekava is the first and so far the only meat producer in the Baltic States and one of the few in Europe that has introduced antibiotic-free production, presented with its label “Raised without Antibiotics”. At present consumption of antibiotics in Ķekava is among the lowest ones in the EU and on the same level as for such leaders among antibiotic-free producers as Norway, Iceland and Sweden. The high welfare standards are the preconditions that allows the company to prevent birds from illness and ensure the highest quality poultry.

At present Ķekava’s poultry labeled “Raised without Antibiotics” is available in the Latvian and Lithuanian markets, but soon exports to Estonia will also be launched. Ķekava continues active work also on expanding exports to Scandinavia which is one of the company’s main export markets.

Presently Ķekava exports 40% of its output. Ķekava’s goal is to increase export by 10% a year on average. The company’s main target markets are the Baltic States, Scandinavia, especially Sweden, and Western Europe. Two years ago the company started work in the Asian market, and is currently exporting to China and Vietnam, and soon plans to launch exports to Japan. The CIS countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazkhastan, Armenia, are also important export markets.