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AS “Putnu fabrika Ķekava” is fully aware of its responsibility for the health of employees involved in its production processes and considers any activities that could harm and endanger the health and safety of any employee involved in the production process to be unacceptable. Safe organisation of work is considered to be integral to the confidence and practical work of the company’s employees.

Our objective in regard to occupational health and safety is to carry out continual improvement of employees’ working conditions, in order to ensure that the company’s commercial activity is carried in a safe and effective manner, without threatening the health and safety of our employees.

Of vital importance to our day-to-day operations in responsibility for the safe organisation of production in conformity with the requirements laid down in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia in the realm of occupational health and safety and we:

  • conduct regular assessment and management of risks in the work environment and set up the work environment to avoid such work environment-related risks or to reduce the impact of unavoidable risks;
  • adapt work to the individual in regard to the layout and apparatus in the workplace, and in the choice of work and production methods;
  • conduct the necessary training in occupational health and safety for employees and increase their understanding of the significance of occupational health and safety in the improvement of working processes and preservation of health, and encourage all employees to improve their professional qualifications;
  • provide employees who are exposed to harmful work environment risks with collective and individual means of protection at work, as well as providing these employees with regular health checks;
  • maintain a dialogue with employees, the company’s trade union and trusted representatives regarding current occupational health and safety issues and necessary improvements to the work environment within the company;
  • continually collate information about accidents that have occurred and industrial illnesses, as well as conducting analysis and of this information, in order to determine measures to reduce such incidents.