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Environmental policy

AS “Putnu fabrika Ķekava” is aware of and understands the impact caused by its operations on the surrounding environment. The company invests resources in reducing negative environmental impact, supporting stable and sustainable enterprise, in order to the surrounding environment clean and healthy.

Our objective in environmental protection is to maintain and continually improve environmentally friendly production, in accordance with the regulatory enactments regulating environmental protection, using the best available technologies and continually reducing the environmental impact caused as a result of the company’s operations.

Our day-to-day operations involve continual work to protect natural resources and reduce energy consumption by:

  • Introducing and using environmentally friendly and economically viable technologies.
  • We sort waste and deliver a large proportion of rubbish, including hazardous waste for recycling.
  • Implementing collaboration with a packaging manager that       collects, sorts and recycles the company’s used packaging into recycled raw materials.
  • We assess the quantitative and qualitative environmental impact of each new project and investment programme.
  • Maintaining an open dialogue with the parties involved: consumers, regulatory bodies, employees, suppliers and neighbours, in order to ensure their interests and requirements in environmental matters are taken into account.

Educating employees in order to raise their awareness of environmental protection so that they can be even more successful in implementing the company’s set goals in environmental protection.