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AS “Putnu fabrika Ķekava” stands for open, honest and transparent commercial activity that encourages outstanding and high quality, as well as stable results of sustainable enterprise.

Our goal is to develop the Latvian aviculture sector and production of chicken products, implementing honest commercial activity in an open commercial operating environment.

Our day-to-day commercial activity is carried out in conformity with the provisions laid down in the legislative acts of the Republic of Latvia and we:

  • We find out the opinion of our business partners regarding our collaboration and improve this
  • We conduct honest and ethical commercial activity in accordance with competition regulations
  • We conduct procurements, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments regulating procurements and adopt the principle of equality in relation to all competitors.
  • We do not collaborate in the performance of procurements or otherwise with companies and persons that have been found guilty of corrupt transactions or fraudulent activity in the realm of finance, etc.
  • We do not present excessive gifts that are considered to be an attempt to influence a commercial decision.

Implement commercial activity that is free of corruptions and conforms to enactments regulating competition rights.