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Andrius Pranckevičius

JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava Chairman of the Board

Joined the AB Linas Agro holding company in 1999, fulfilling the duties of Marketing Manager and later holding the position of Business Development Manager. Since 2005, he has fulfilled the position of Chief Executive Officer and 2006 he has been a Board Member of AB Linas Agro. Andrius Pranckevičius also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for AB Linas Agro Group. He is Deputy Council Chairman of AS Putnu fabrika Ķekava and SIA Lielzeltiņi.

Responsible for strategy development, implementation and control of bird rearing and agricultural companies, as well as real estate development.


Saulius Petkevičius

JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava Board Member

Saulius began work at the company in 2014 and is responsible for matters related to aviculture.

He began his professional career in 2000, working for a number of bird rearing companies in Lithuania, supervising farm modernisation and business development, as well as leading the construction of new accommodation for birds at JSC Agroinžinierija.

Saulius augmented his practical experience and accumulated knowledge by working for the Lithuanian branch of JSC ISA BALT, supervising sales and technical supervisory matters in CIS countries – consulting companies on feeding broilers and bird rearing business development. In addition, by regularly doing internships at selection centres in France, Saulius has improved his competence in the selection of broilers.

Saulius has Bachelor’s degrees in Sales and Marketing from the International School of Management and Liege University in Belgium.

Saulius is also a member of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA).


Donatas Petkevičius

JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava Board Member

Donatas joined the team in 2015 and supervises all production processes.

Donatas began his career at the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture. After that, he joined AB Linas Agro, where he has worked since 2003. Parallel to his job with Linas Agro Group, Donatas has worked for several international companies including the Austrian enterprise BDI Bio Energy International and the Ukrainian enterprise ZAO UKR agro NPK, as well as actively participating in a number of projects in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and the Baltic States.

Donatas has obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering Science from the Lithuanian University of Agriculture.



Dominykas Chlebinskas

JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava Board Member

Dominykas is a board member of JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava since July 2015 and is responsible for sales matters.

Dominykas has ten years of experience in sales management and has occupied leading positions in such companies as Wrigley, Paulig and Lietuvos Kepėjas. He has extensive experience working in the Baltic region, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and many other countries.

Dominykas holds a Master’s degree in International Trade and MBA in Management of International Business both from the Vilnius University.